U 67 vs. MJE-K47H - Can You Identify the U 67?

 U 67 vs. MJE-K47H - Blind Shootout Audio Files


Male vocal, "Louisiana"

Click to listen to Mic 1 - http://www.oktavamod.com/media/Test_012513_B_Mic_1_Male_Vox_Louisiana.wav

MJs Microphone Term Glossary

Here's a few terms I use frequently. I'll add more and organize this over time. This glossary in in response to a post I made at HomeRecording.com in an MXL 990 thread...

“Hey Michael, how do the mod’d MXL 990 and mod’d Rode NT1a compare?"

“Hey Michael, how do the mod’d MXL 990 and mod’d Rode NT1a compare?"


Good question! But first, did you know these are my most popular microphone modifications?

K47 vs K67 Type Mics

K47 vs K67 Capsule Type Mics

And What is Wrong with Many K67 Capsule Type Mics


Choosing An LDC Mic - Some Thoughts

"Hey Michael, how do I choose from all your mics?" - a frequent question!

Michael Joly Engineering Mod Blog Launches

Hey folks, testing one-two-three. Is this thing on?

It appears OktavaMod Web Master/Modder and code jocky James DeRose is close to having this space - Michael Joly Engineering Mod Blog, ready to go. 

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